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THE LATEST BUZZ - December 2012

Heartbreak Messenger - Multilingual

The foreign language rights for The Heartbreak Messenger were recently sold for both Spanish and German. Google Translate tells me that the respective titles will be:

El Mensajero del Corazón Quebrado

Das Herz Brechen Messenger

Then again, I heard that Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was published as Rain of Falafel in I guess you never know. Das ist OK.

What's that you say? You've read a book before? Well done. Well done indeed. In that case I might recommend The Heartbreak Messenger. It's the perfect book for someone who can read. Check it out.


Likes to make waffles. In fact he considers it one of his prime talents. Right up there with his lightsaber skills. Another of his talents is writing. Not writing blurbs on a website, no no no. Writing books. Books that people enjoy reading. People for instance.

THE LATEST BUZZ - March 2013

Trailer: The Heartbreak Messenger


"The laughs are plentiful..."

I've read Publisher Weekly reviews for years and even picked up books based solely on their recommendation. So of course it was thrilling to see a PW review for The Heartbreak Messenger come out last week. The anonymous reviewer practically gushed over the book. Practically. There were definite undertones of gushing.

My favorite line: "The laughs are plentiful in Vance's debut..."

Also of note: "It's an entertaining and funny read with a clever conceit."

That's three positive adjectives. Three! I told you...gushing.

Check it out for yourself. Also take a look at what others have to say.


Happy Book Birthday!

I was traveling for business this week and stopped into a Barnes & Nobles to see if they had, you know, anything good to read. Guess what? They did.

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