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1. He regularly loses to his oldest son in Mario Kart.

2. While living for a time in Honduras, he was known by some as Pelo de Tigre.

3. His favorite dessert is called cow pie. (It's much tastier than it sounds).

4. He lives in western New York where he shovels lots of snow in the winter.

5. there are really only four fascinating things about Alexander.


A Condensed Biography

1992 - Alexander reads Where the Red Fern Grows and bawls his eyes out at the end of the book. He also reads the Lord of the Rings trilogy for the fourth time...and bawls his eyes out at the end of the books.

1996 - Alexander heads off to Brigham Young University to study film (back when it was actually made on film). He's also introduced to many books that make him think. And some that make him bawl his eyes out. He decides he wants to write a book some day. You know, for the fun of it.


2001 - Alexander works as a film and video editor for a number of years. He also marries the most beautiful girl in the world, has several kids, and otherwise gets distracted from writing a book.

2005 - Alexander returns to school and graduates with a Masters in Instructional Technology. He transitions his career to training films and multimedia, moves through several states, and has several more kids.

Sometime in the not-so-distant past - Alexander decides that he really does want to write a book, so he writes one. It isn't as good as he thinks it is, so he decides he probably ought to write another one. That one, titled The Heartbreak Messenger, is sold to Feiwel and Friends and is published in July 2013.

Alexander's mom is so proud.



1984  - At the age of 6, Alexander traces the pictures out of a Serendipity book and writes a story to match that is remarkably similar. His mom is very proud. (Alexander gave up plagiarism shortly thereafter and hasn't looked back since).

1987 - Alexander writes a book called Matt and Martian Meatballs (which describes the plot rather nicely). He dedicates the book to his thesaurus, so you can tell he was destined for greatness. His fourth-grade teacher must have thought so too, because she enters the book in a local Young Author contest. It wins an award. A major award. A trophy even. His mom is really very proud.







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